Home-based bakeries somehow kept some individuals and families afloat during the peak of the COVID-19 Pandemic. It offered a good work-from-home option for those who have lost their real estate, homes, offices, jobs because of the harsh economic impacts of the raging health crisis.

Since home-based bakeries provided mostly handmade bread, and artisanal pastries that have seen increasing demand even before the pandemic hit, home-based bakeries that have solid, great-tasting products grew followers that have become their virtual promoters online.

Home and hobby-based ice cream real estate business.

As the adage goes, “Do what you love, and you would never have to work a day in your life,” most people who have baking as a hobby during the Pre-Covid era saw themselves profiting from something that they love to do. “It is like re-discovering joy all over again, amidst all the uncertainties of the dreaded virus and its financial drawbacks,” says Jonie Kent, a mom of six children, who loved baking ever since she got married. “It was just a hobby for me, but when my husband lost his job, I immediately had to think of another income stream that would still allow me to stay home with the children. Baking was the way to go,” adds Kent.

Veronica Jimenez almost has the same story, except that she is single. “The salon I worked for had to close during the lockdown, and when it was time to open again, it never recuperated from the loss. I also lost my other job, which was a staff for a gym in our small town, after it permanently closed down still because of the pandemic,” Jimenez explains. She then thought about what to do while staying at home and rediscovered baking – a hobby she loved doing with her mother.

“I found it therapeutic to make bread and pastries, make my whole apartment smell like fresh-baked bread every day, post photos in my social media, and have people inquiring if I accept orders. That was how it started really,” Jimenez enthused. Now both Jimenez and Kent are earning a decent income from their online and home-based bake stores.

How to open a home-based bakery with proper real estate

The first thing an aspiring home-based entrepreneur should do is to write down a specific business plan. This will include the aim of the bike store, and the products to be sold. If there is a specialty, then this should be specified too. He should then follow it up with market research, including the target market for the goods and a plan on how to reach this audience, and if the market will be interested in the specialty products the baker will offer. Check the competitors as well, and take note of the prevailing prices of goods.

Take note of the possible equipment needed apart from those that are already at home. This could be extensive so it is best to start small first and forgo buying the expensive and industrial equipment until there is a demand for it.  

The aspiring business owner should also think of at least three business names to register. Come up with at least three options so that if ever that business name is taken already, there are two more fallbacks to choose from. Now he could finally register the business and obtain necessary permits and licenses depending on the local requirements in his area.